Sun and mercury in 8th house from lagna

As we have already discussed few things about the 8th house in the earlier post here I am writing about the influence and effect of planets in the 8th house on demand of my blog readers who are more interested to know about the effect of planets in 8th house. The 8th house is the house of sudden happenings and unexpected events in life as we read in the earlier post, it also shows transformation in life and holds many mysteries in its bosom.

It is the most mysterious house in the entire zodiac and the people who have a very strong and active 8th house will always have a very eventful and active life filled with tragedies and comedies both good and bad things. They can never lead a monotonous, dull life. Such people get to see many colors in life instead of living a boring and dull life. This could also be termed as a good side of 8th house for those who wish to live such a life full of unexpected happenings.

People who want real adventure will love such a life. The events can however be good and bad depending on the entire horoscope and mahadashas one gets in life. We will have a look at the effect of planets in 8th house in general. Sun is the karaka of soul and is called the natural atmakaraka in Astrology. Placement of sun in the 8th house does not augur well for health in general.

sun and mercury in 8th house from lagna

Sun in 8th is like a petrol leaking from tank due to small holes. The vitality and defence mechanism against diseases can be less in such people depending on the affliction of sun. Such people are usually given to rise in body temperature, fever, boils, ulcers more so if other hot planets combine sun here. Exalted and self placed sun however can mean increase in fame after death provided other factors are good.

This 8th sun also gives huge inheritance from father and is good for spiritual progress as 8th being one of the houses of moksha trikona.

Moon in 8th. Scorpio falls in the 8th house of natural zodiac which is again the debilitation sign of moon, hence moon in 8th does not usually augur well unless there are other benefic influences. The mind is in a habit of worrying constantly, fears and phobias are deeply rooted in case of such people.

Such moon if well placed and well aspected by benefics can give good gains from opposite sex and inheritance from mother and in-laws. Such people have deep interest in occult subjects along with subjects which contain mysteries. Such people can be good mind readers and psychologist or psychiatrist. Such moon however is very good for occult pursuits and conjugal happiness along with spiritual pursuits.

Mars in 8th is said to create mangal dosha. Alone mars in 8th is very good for inheriting and getting gains from landed properties, it will however increase the sex appetite as 8th is the house which covers the area of private parts and is the seat of base chakra where the kundalini gets activated. Mars is the karaka of energy and it creates excess sexual appetite being placed in the 8th house.

Such mars can cause unnatural death or injuries through burns, boils, accidents, weapons if severely afflicted.You dont have any items in your cart.

sun and mercury in 8th house from lagna

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sun and mercury in 8th house from lagna

Rashi, Nakshatra, Naming letters and birth doshas. Aries ascendant Lord is Mars. For any lagna, the lords of 3rd, 6th and 11th houses will give bad results. Will see in detail, what are the good and bad planets for Aries ascendant.

Good planets : Sun - as the lord of 5th House sun gives good results. Moon - as the lord of 4th house moon gives benefic results. As moon rules only one house and not ruling any other malefic house, it gives good results.

Jupiter - as the lord of most auspicious house '9'th, Jupiter gives excellent results. Jupiter also rules the 12th house of losses, but still, Jupiter had its moolatrikona in 9th house and as it is already spacious, Jupiter gives good results. Mars - Mars rules the 1st house and 8th. Even Mars had its moolatrikona in Aries, that is 1st. So as the lord of Lagna, Mars gives good results.

Here the 8th house is not all about bad things. It also gives good things. Bad or negative planets : Mercury - mercury rules the 3rd and 6th house. As it rules 2 malefic houses, becomes more dangerous for Aries Lagna. Need to be careful in this Dasha and antharDashas. Venus - as the lord of 2nd and 7th house, Venus becomes a maraka planet, as these two houses are maraka stands. Venus can cause death or death reflecting problems for Aries ascendant.

Need to be careful. Saturn: as the lord of 10th and 11th houses Saturn becomes bad planet or malefic. As the Lagna lord Mars and Saturn are enemies, as per this rule also, Saturn gives bad results. Rahu and Ketu will give results depending on their placement. Thanks for visiting Onlinejyotish. Your help and support needed to provide more free Vedic Astrology services through this website. This will help us as well as needy people who are interested in Free Astrology and Horoscope services.

Spread your love towards onlinejyotish. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Read more. I Agree No! I will try my level best to give you accurate Astrology programs and predictions. Stay at Home, Stay Safe.Natives who have their natal Sun in the 8th house are illuminating the obscure meanings of death, sex, and the occult.

No matter what their Sun sign is, they become quite Scorpionic in their character, have deep desires and a very strong will. For them, power is very important while sex is a mystical experience of death and rebirth. This Sun placement creates an urge to go deep into the mysteries of life and death. Such individuals are very interested in discovering the meanings of life, constantly seeking for answers on whether death is the final destination or we continue towards somewhere else.

These interests make them attracted to the occult, and they can reach tremendous knowledge about such kind of issues. Observing the big picture of how life functions makes them difficult to be satisfied with common experiences and everyday reality. Nevertheless, this placement attracts a lot of supernatural experiences, and many of them are permanently transforming them. Everything that is unexplored or taboo for the masses, fascinates them and attracts them. This is also a reason for the masses to slightly fear them, or consider them morbid and dark.

A person with the Sun in the 8th house will live many lives in one. These lives can be experienced either one after the other, or even simultaneously. It feels like being a protagonist in different movies, and because every movie has different surroundings and concepts, the native is a totally different person in each one.

While transcending from one life to the other, the person can experience powerful dissolutions of his ego, and each death of his temporary persona simulates real death. An 8th house Sun person has many ways of simulating death, in order to get acquainted with the biggest mystery and prepare himself to experience it. Other people might think that such natives are not afraid of death. People with the Sun in the house of death, are either consciously or unconsciously following the eastern orthodox proverb:.

A curious fact is that the individual may achieve fame and success after his death. His death might be theatrical, phantasmagorical or dramatic. There are possibilities of leaving legacies towards the masses. This placement can be present in writers and artists that have their work more recognized after their death than during their lives. Large amounts of wealth can come in their hands after the death of their father, or another father figure.

It is very frequent that they lose their father while they are still young in age.And I hope it would be very helpful for you to understand the basic connection among them, however before proceeding further I would like to say that this article is much based on facts rather than astrological combination …so while reading this article please keep this line in mind….!!

Since the day I have started writing astrology articles I am noticing this point as have gone through with many horoscopes and where ever I have found this combination in any chartSo two observation was very common almost in all horoscopes, that is the reason I am writing an article on it.!!! As per ancient Vedic astrology text, connection of sun with Rahu and Ketu is considered as one of the most curse full yoga known as Grahan yoga. Where Rahu and Ketu eclipsed the kingly planet Sun and absorbing all kingly power and even post eclipse sun feel tremendous weakness.

First of all eclipse is very short process which is almost ends in maximum two or three hours, however the next day you can see the same powerful sun shining in the sky without any issues. But but but I am not denying existence and importance of eclipse or saying like eclipse is useless…. The person who has degree wise very close conjunction between Sun and nodes Rahu and Ketu going to face frustration for short time only and it happens multiple times throughout the life….

If Rahu and Ketu are connected with sun and moon in any horoscope signifies unusual things in unusual manner in unexpected time. Note — Unexpected time means peoples those are not familiar with astrology so any dramatically event of life is not less than a drama for them…!!! Well, right now I am not writing about eclipse or Grahan yoga so I will describe it later in separate article.

I just telling you about one yoga which has no name but still very strong and making a ruler personality of modern world and that raja yoga is formed by Sun, Mercury with Rahu or Ketu.

Effect of Planets in 8th house

Yes whenever Sun and mercury is sitting with Rahu or Ketu in any house creating this yoga….!! If Sun and mercury is sitting with Rahu in any house so Ketu would be seven places away and will aspect this conjunction.

Or if Sun and Mercury is sitting with Ketu so Rahu would be seventh places away from this conjunction but will aspect this conjunction…!!! But below are the three important parameters which required to qualify this Yoga.

But why only three??? Okay let me clarify you all three points in details…. You can say like if two enemy are working together but one intelligent person who has friend ship with both the person can help both the enemy to work together and will help to create mutual cooperation.

By the support of mercury power of all the planets get merged and generate something new, which should be known as Raja Yoga in my point of view because supporting professional life in great manner. Like if Sun is in degree and Rahu is in degree and sitting together in any house, so it would be known as close conjunction and really going to give worse effect without any positive influence.

Any conjunction within 5 degree considered as closed conjunction, any conjunction which has degree gap more than 10 or higher is considered as loose conjunction and degree gap above 20 is not actually a conjunction. And any planet which holds lowest degree is known as leader of that group.

But good or bad that depends on previous karma. However output will depend on the actual power of planet. Rao sir, who is counted as world best astrologer and his researches are worldly famous and even I am great follower of him and learning from his researches.

So in-spite of involvement in loop Neech Bhanga raja yoga, mercury is also forming this yoga being with Ketu and sun in 4 th house, this chart belongs to Prince Charles and as far as I know he is a prince in UK. Chart belongs to sir Subhash chandra Bose and as we all know Mr. Bose was great and very famous Indian freedom fighter and one of the great historical person of Indian history.

sun and mercury in 8th house from lagna

Now see few examples from politics where the same yoga is available however degree gap is less than 10, However other supporting yoga are also available hence these are the top leader of politics.

Modi I can say straight away that at least minimum ten years no one can snatch his throne…!!! However degree gap is very less but Jupiter and Venus aspecting 10th house and fulfilling missing energy, chart belongs to Mrs. In Above case — Sun, and mercury are conjunction with Rahu in 11th house, as Sun is in Degree, and Rahu is in Degree, so almost 4.Saturn is Probably most dreaded and most discussed Planet.

Everybody fears this Mighty Planet. This is such a Planet which can make you King and at the same time it can make you pauper. So there are lots of Myths and misconception about Saturn and the placement of Saturn in 8th house is a difficult Position for Sure.

But as I always say, Every Placement has both good and Bad result. The Results are further modified by Aspect, Conjunction etc. Saturn in 8th house, Saturn in 8th houseSaturn in 8th house. Saturn Shani is the God of Justice. Ancient text suggests that He became the devotee of Lord Shiva one of the supreme Godhead or Trimurti. It is a karmic Planet and as it is the Judge of our Karmafal fruits of our deedit is very harsh in nature. His presence in all the 12 houses has been held an important position towards the rise and fall of Karma.

It is the most difficult and secretive house of the zodiac. It is also known as the house of underground and all sort of tantric activities or spirit invocation etc comes under this house.

This is the house of Transformation. It is also very important house for spiritual growth and interest in Occult Subjects. As 8th house mostly dealt with the Negative things of our Life, it is also called Dusthana House along with 6th and 12th. So placement of Saturn in 8th house is good regarding Longevity. When you have Saturn in 8th house of your Horoscope, it will bless you with a long life. It will also make you very Hard working. As you Know, 8th is the house of Transformation and who better than Saturn can bring transformation in your life.

So if you have Shani in 8th Sign, be prepared for transformation in its period and Major Transits. Moreover it is the House of Occult Science and Spiritual progress as well. Saturn is a Yogi Planet. So its Placement in 8th house is also very good for spiritual Progress. It will give good intuition Power.

So Saturn in 8th house is a blessing for Astrologer, Spiritual Person etc. It will help you to come out from this Materialistic world. Saturn is the Natural Significator of Profession or Career. Saturn is also a Technical Planet or indicates Technical Education.

So its placement in 8th house can give you a Career in research and Development provided other Planets Support it.This is not considered a Good Combination in Vedic astrology but many Famous people and celebrity is born with this Combination. Sun and Saturn conjunction is one of the most dreaded combination in Vedic Astrology. Both the planets are bitter enemy to each other. We have a in general idea that it is a Bad Combination to have in Birth chart.

But we have to understand that every year Saturn and sun will conjunct in a particular sign for one month. During that One month Period whoever will born, will have Sun and saturn Combination in chart. Sun is the king of the Planetary Kingdom. It is Very Hot, Dry and represents Fire elements. No one Can dare to go near Sun. It is Full of Ego and Pride. It represents our Soul. It gives Honour,recognition, Power, Authority etc.

In Modern days it represents Government. Saturn is cold and extremely slow Planet. It represents discipline,structure, Hard work etc. It represents Air Elements and labor class people or unprivileged people of the Society.

It is a Strict Teacher who teaches through Punishment and make one realize the purpose of Life. It also indicative of Philosophy and Spiritualism. Saturn rules over the Karma.

Read Your Own Horoscope: A Step-By-Step Tutorial to Vedic Astrology

It gives us result of our Past Deed. No one can escape from the Hands of Saturn, not even God. It also signifies career. So a strong and unaffiliated Saturn will help to have a good progress in Career. Now Lets discuss about the result of Saturn and Sun conjunction in different Houses. The results will equally hold true when sun and saturn exchange houses which causes a parivartana yoga between sun and saturn. Sun is the Father of Saturn and No father treats his son as enemy but son can treat father as enemy.

So in this conjunction Sun suffers more than saturn. So people with this conjunction suffers in their career. Many people approach us Due to this problem and you can see How we have solved their Problem. Saturn and Sun are arch Enemy. Both and Sun and Saturn treats each other as Enemy or bitter Rival.

While Sun sheds the divine light, Saturn expresses darkness and gloom.

Sun and Saturn Conjunction in different Houses

Both are bitter enemies. It is evident from the fact that the sign of exaltation and debilitation are opposite to each other. Sun is a fiery planet and Saturn is an airy planet. He is known as the servant in the planetary cabinet. Saturn comes last in the order of natural strength of planets.

He is said to possess the least Naisargik bala. In Vedic myth Saturn is the son of the Sun, born to his shadow wife, Chaya. Thus Saturn walks with a limp, which accounts why he is the slowest of the Grahas.Jupiter is the most benevolent planet, and wherever it is located is a blessing.

This placement can give tremendous powers in all the areas mentioned above and a lot more. People who have their natal Jupiter positioned in the house of death can benefit through anything connected with death, metaphorically or literally. Usually, this natal position brings big inheritances, which will pass to the native without any problems if there are no harsh aspects falling on the Great Benefic.

In case that there exist squares or oppositions, the native might experience delays or disputes during the process of receiving the inheritance. This mostly happens when Mercury or Saturn are involved with an adverse aspect. If the malefic involved is Marsthere can be aggressive circumstances and quarrels with other people about the heritage, while this is also a significator of spending the received wealth quickly or elsehow losing it.

Mercury in 8th house#

In case that your Jupiter is well aspected, you should not worry about such kind of issues. On the contrary, if the aspects falling on it are difficult ones, be very careful. You will get the loan anyway, but you might not be able to return it, or you will spend it quickly and on things that you do not really need.

An adversely aspected Jupiter can signify legal disputes and generally problems with the law, concerning money received from the bank, the government or another individual. Natives with Jupiter in the 8th house consider sex as a very important priority in their lives.

They are very active sexually and reach high levels of pleasure. With certain partners, their erotic life will be very spiritual, and the union of their bodies an everyday death and rebirth experience.

This aspect makes sex be a lot more than just an activity: it is mysticism in its pure form. The two partners stop existing as separate beings during this act of union and transcend into oneness, being capable of entering the other realms together. On the other hand, when the native with Jupiter in the 8th house does not have a stable partner, it will give him a lot of quality sex with various partners.

As Jupiter is the planet of expansion, it will expand beyond limits if not obstructed; it is wise not to overindulge into unnecessary activities.

Jupiter in the 8th house tends to give a strong interest in matters concerning life after death and the occult. The native will be highly intuitive, has psychic abilities and can excel in studying the forbidden and secret arts. The benefic planet brings protection from psychic attacks, high leveled perception of the meanings of life and death and a good glimpse of the greater picture. Such kind of people can even reach levels of losing any fear towards death and laugh at his grim face.

His passage towards the other realms is harmonic, and he might even subconsciously understand when it will happen and get prepared for it. Jupiter in the 8th house is an overall wonderful placement, in a house that can be considered one of the most difficult ones in a natal chart.

Jupiter here definitely helps in having a totally different approach to all these issues, which even by itself is life-altering. A person with such a natal Jupiter does not really need advice on these issues, except for the general suggestion to keep an eye on Jupiter in case of over-expansion.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator.

Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope. Do not forget to like our Facebook Page and join our Astrology Community Facebook Groupwhere you can take part in conversations and vote about next articles to be written!

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